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SDHSBA 2020 Season Update 3-30-2020

The board of directors met last evening to discuss potential options for the spring high school season following the announcements from the Governor and the SDHSAA suspending school and activities until May 4th. A number of proposals for a shortened, modified season were reviewed assuming school activities resume May 4th.

The board concluded that we will continue to monitor the guidelines put forth by the Governor, SDHSAA, and our local school districts. The board also agreed that the state tournament dates will remain as scheduled, and no changes to push the season back will be considered. Finally, if the school year is suspended any further, the spring high school season will be canceled immediately.

Best Regards,

Dane Yde
Executive Director
SD High School Baseball Association

Coaches, Umpires, Media

As events continue to unfold, the SDHSBA board continues to monitor what has been a very fluid situation regarding what is now a national emergency. We will  continue to follow the same approach that we always have with situations that relate to our high schools and student athletes by following the decisions being made by our local school districts and the South Dakota High School Activities Association. Over the years, we have worked very hard to be strong partners with all involved, and we intend to do so in the coming days and weeks ahead. Please continue to keep open lines of communications with your school administrators, local school boards, parents, and all involved. The South Dakota High School Activities Assocation will continue to provide on-going communication regarding spring athletics, and we will follow their decisions with regard to our spring baseball season. Thank you for your continued hard work to provide opportunities for our student-athletes across our great state. We will provide updates as they become available.


Dane Yde

Executive Director

SD High School Baseball Association

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